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Q: Where are your products manufactured?

A: Our products are made in Brisbane, Australia by Fiona Provan. Fiona has a Bachelor Degree of Health Science - Homoeopathy assuring the finest quality Homoeopathic blends. 

Q: Do your Lightbody Support Drops contain any hormones?

A: No. The support blend contains no hormones. 

Q: Are your products legal?

A: Yes. Homoeopathic products are regulated by the TGA and FDA and are 100% legal to produce and sell. 

Q: Can a pregnant or breastfeeding woman do The Lightbody Program?

A: No, the program is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Q: Can a vegetarian or vegan do the The Lightbody Program?

A: Yes. There are vegetarian and vegan options in the ‘Allowed Foods’ list. However, we strongly advise vegans not to do the program due to the very limited food options. 

Please note – the original research by Dr Simeons does not cater for vegetarians or vegans. The listed options in the Lightbody Program have been used successfully by our own vegetarian and vegan clients. Results may vary from the omnivore version.

Q: Why are the options so limited for vegetarians and vegans on The Lightbody Program?

A: For the program to be successful, daily calorie intake from food needs to remain between 600-800 calories, with the remaining calories coming from the Support Drops aka your stored fats. Protein is the core essential food source on the program, and when sourced from vegetables it has a higher complex carbohydrate component meaning you would need to consume more calories to receive the required protein on the program.