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Our Story

Our Vision

For people to live healthier and happier lives, in love, peace and joy. 

Our Mission

 Lightbody Health empowers you through a range of tools and information offering positive change and a healthy balance for body, mind and soul. Utilising ancient remedies and knowledge, paired with modern day findings, we offer tools and guidance on how to cultivate increased joy and freedom in your everyday life.

Our Story

Fiona Provan, BHScHom

Trained as a classical Homoeopath
Bachelor of Health Science degree at Endeavour Collage of Natural Health (previously Australian Collage of Natural Medicine)
Managed a well-known health store for 12+ years
Over a decade of experience in complementary natural healing modalities
Highly sought after by customers and clients
Travelled and studied around the world, including India, America and New Zealand
Learned from the likes of Dr Rajan Sankaran, Dr Divya Chabra, Drs Bhawisha & Schachindra Joshi, Dr Dinesh Chauhan, Dr Mahesh Gandi, Dr Farouk Master, Jan Scholten and many others

    Fiona’s awakening to alternative medicine

    Her awakening to the results achievable through complementary and alternative medicines - particularly Homoeopathy - began when her daughter Caitlin was suffering with a chronic blocked nose at a young age. Having taken Caitlin to regular GPs with the expectation of finding help for the nasal issues, she was at a loss to know what to do when they provided no diagnosis or results. 

    A random conversation with a local acupuncturist while at a school event was the changepoint for Fiona when she decided to try something different. After three weeks, some improvement was made but no complete result. The acupuncturist referred her to a Homoeopath and the first consult was over an hour exploring many aspects over and above the physical symptoms of nasal breathing issues. A physical examination with a torch shone into the nostrils gave an immediate diagnosis of polyps. You could see them in each nostril - big cauliflower shapes way up the back. Fiona was able to see them for herself and she was shocked that no one before had actually looked and found them because they were so obvious. Homoeopathic treatment began with Caitlin taking the supplied remedy three times a day. 

    Breathing in the result

    One month later they visited for a follow up and the torch shone up her nostrils showing that both nostrils were totally clear of any polyps. Caitlin was breathing properly again and sleeping soundly with no more issues. For Fiona, this began a passionate desire to understand Homoeopathy and so she began a four year journey to become a degree qualified Homoeopath herself. Her aim was to help others to find alternatives when they found themselves in need like she had been.

    Holistic skills, fresh perspective

    Studying Homoeopathy opened Fiona up to a new world, a holistic perspective that included the body, mind and soul. She began this fun and enlightening journey exploring ancient knowledge and spiritual practices that enriched her life with truth, beauty, freedom and love. By this time, Caitlin was old enough to understand and enjoy what Fiona was exploring, and hence they embarked on a life long journey of discovery together.

    Caitlin Provan, DIPM

    Trained in Marketing & E-commerce 
    Over a decade of experience in the beauty and fashion industry
    Diploma of Marketing from Southbank Institute of Technology
    Owned and operated two vintage clothing stores
    Travelled around the world including America, China, Egypt & more
    Learned from the likes of Dr. Bruce Lipton, David Icke and Eckhart Tolle 
    Attended extensive workshops in Body, Mind and Soul 

      Caitlin's awakening to alternative medicine

      Her awakening to the results achievable through complementary and alternative medicines - particularly Homoeopathy - began with her experience of healing her nasal polyps. From there, she began to attend events and workshops on alternative topics based around health, the power of the human mind and ultimately spirituality. Over her life she has experienced lessons, blessings and synchronistic moments that have led her to further research and explore the nature of the Universe and the human experience. She came to a point where she realised on the energetic level we are all deeply connected in Oneness, from the one Source, and this brought her to the most joyous state of unconditional love. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle balancing the body, mind and soul, and driven to help others live a life filled with more joy and peace. 

      Self-expression meets small business 

      For Fiona and Caitlin, Lightbody Health is part small business and part self-expression. Their desire to help alleviate suffering and contribute to the awakening of mankind gave birth to Lightbody Health. In sharing these products and information, they hope to empower others to create lasting positive change in their lives.