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Our Commitment

Lightbody Health has the utmost respect for our home, Earth, and all of its inhabitants. We understand the connection of all and the importance of striving to preserve and support the divine land, atmosphere and nature that gives us life. 

We understand that our modern-day ways of creating and doing business can have a negative impact on our environment, and here at Lightbody Health we look to more sustainable ways to go about our business and our products. Like many, we are on our sustainability journey and pledge to always continue to improve where we can.

We have printed our Lightbody Guide with 100% recycled paper that is manufactured without the addition of optical brighteners and with process chlorine free pulps helping to reduce harmful by-products and taking care of Mother Earth. Please keep or recycle your Lightbody Guide when finished. 

Paired with our bottles being made from reusable and recyclable glass with un-coated paper labels that are more readily available to breakdown versus coated. Our bottles are sourced locally in Australia, with the aim to decrease our carbon footprint. You'll notice they don't come in any boxed packaging. All the required information is printed on the bottle label. 

Our ingredient mantra is to offer 100% natural and cruelty-free formulations that are safe for both your body and the planet. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of holistic healing and the ancient practice of Homoeopathy, and are dedicated to preserving this knowledge and these remedies for all.