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Customer Reviews

Sophie lost 7kgs in three weeks and found new found clarity.

I was a little nervous about trying these at first, I can lack a lot of discipline when it comes to committing to things, but this was like hitting the factory reset button. After a week people were coming to me saying how great I looked, how bright my eyes and skin were, and how much lighter my energy felt in general. In the three weeks that I committed I lost 7 kilos, my anxiety decreased immensely, my brain felt so much clearer and focussed, my energy levels went through the roof, I felt so much more relaxed and joyful and for the first time I could remember in forever I was actually having full night sleeps. It also bought me back to the basics of food and what my body really needs. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to transform their mind and body.” - Sophie H. 

Jade lost 7kgs in three weeks and kickstarted her healthier lifestyle. 

“I decided to start the diet after travelling for a few months overseas. I was definitely on holiday mode! The thing I loved most about this diet is that it really made me realise 1. how much food I was consuming - it helped with controlling portion sizes. 2. Showed me how different foods effected my mood, energy & general physical appearance. I set myself a three week goal on phase 2 which then kickstarted my healthy eating habits combined with a regular fitness routine to maintain my weight loss afterwards.” - Jade M. 

Nicole lost 7kgs in three weeks and achieved her health goal.

"I was having trouble shifting some weight so I decided to try the Lightbody Health program. This program was extremely successful for me as I was able to shed my weight. I have spent most of my life being overweight and unhappy with my body. I found it to be an incredibly easy structure to follow and learnt a lot from this about my eating habits that I was able to correct and still abide by today. I have kept the weight off all thanks to the Maintain Phase that teaches you ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for the support and guidance Fiona, you have helped me achieve my goals.” - Nicole S. 


Courtney lost 5 kilos in three weeks and fit into her bridesmaid dress.

“The light body health diet is literally the only diet that has worked for me. I don’t only love it because it’s the only one I’ve seen results on. I love it because it’s a diet I am able to commit to, because it is not a long commitment. Seeing results quickly also keeps me motivated, plus the action of taking the drops keeps me strict as I would feel guilty if I cheated the plan. I highly recommend giving this a go. Whether you are looking to lose weight to fit into your bridesmaid dress in 2 weeks (guilty), or to get in better shape and lead a healthier lifestyle after a bit of a health hiatus (also guilty), then this is for you.” - Courtney L.

Emily lost 5kgs in three weeks and got her confidence back.

“I’ve had body confidence issues for as long as I can remember. I discovered this program through a family member of mine who had lost a substantial amount of weight on it and said she enjoyed the program. I couldn’t believe that it actually worked when I started to see the weight drop off so quickly. After completing the three weeks I had lost that annoying extra 5kgs that I always wanted gone. But not only that, I found a new passion for eating healthy and maintaining my new found happiness.” - Emily K.

Bianca lost 22kgs in six weeks and resolved her emotional eating habits. 

"I found the Lightbody Health program to be an incredible program to resolve the patterns and habits of emotional eating and it really gave me a structure to eating that I have carried on with still today. I also really loved how it acts as a detox in a way, the foods are healing and cleansing and I was able to watch the weight drop away, being 80kg and down to 58kg. It was a remarkable journey of learning to honour and love my body and be extremely mindful of what I feed it. I have kept the weight off and have never been 80kg again. I'm happy and healthy and maintain my ideal body weight through healthy eating and fun exercise. I highly recommend this program, it really changed my life and gave me freedom around my body. It taught me to listen to my body and act on what it needs and having not have done this program I don't think I would have found this freedom. Thanks Fiona, it's been an incredible journey with you. Thank you for the extremely valuable tools you have given me." - Bianca Y.