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Discovering The Program


Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Lightbody Health Co-Founder Fiona Provan has enjoyed working within the health & wellness field for the past 16 years. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Health Science which underpins her Homoeopathic treatment protocols.  

She managed health stores for over a decade alongside her Homoeopathic practice, and it was during this time in 2012 that a regular customer sought her out to show off his new svelte self after using a combination of a diet plan & an oral Homoeopathic blend. 

After listening to his report initially with scepticism, she found that she couldn’t deny the amazing changes within him. Not only had he lost a substantial amount of weight, but his whole being was radiant with energy and youthfulness belying his years. She then decided that she needed to learn about this program & try it for herself.

She was delighted that her husband decided to join her as he is the mainstay in their kitchen and breathes flavour into everything he prepares. So, they embarked on a three-week trial, and at the end of the three weeks he had lost 9 kgs and she had lost 7.5 kgs. He was now at his weight goal but Fiona felt she wanted to push on so she continued for another 2 weeks. She ended up losing a total of 12 kgs. She was thrilled! 

Her friends, family and customers, all noticed this incredible transformation in such a short time and immediately started asking how they could do the same. This began a journey with many of her existing and new clients working with her to learn how they too could experience this program for weight loss. Through referral after referral of very happy clients, she has happily assisted hundreds of clients to achieve their weight loss goals along with all the benefits that come with it e.g. increased energy, reduced inflammation, glowing eyes & skin, and measurable improvements in their blood pressure & cholesterol. 

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