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How It Works


The Lightbody Program is designed based around the original 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol established by Endocrinologist Dr A. W. Simeons in the 1950’s. His research is fully documented in his book “Pounds and Inches” if you wish to read his work in full. It is a proven way to support weight loss in the areas where abnormal fat is stored. 

The combination of eating a healthy dietary plan for anywhere between 26-47 days depending on your goals, and taking the Support Drops helps to release stored body fat resulting in weight loss. You will then receive guidance on how to maintain your new healthy body.

Improvements are noted mostly with stored fats located on the hips, stomach and the middle of the body. These stored fat deposits in typical diets are not removed effectively as typically calorie restriction only style diets will only see you use up your reserve fats, then structural fats way before any access to the stored fats are begun.

During the program you will be consuming around 600-800 calories per day from the approved foods of lean meats, vegetables and fruits and your remaining calories will be coming directly from your fat stores. The Lightbody Program in combination with the Lightbody Support Drops stimulate the movement of stored fats into the bloodstream making energy available to the tune of around 2000-3000 daily calories. You normally don’t feel hungry as you are receiving energy calories needed through the release of your stored fats.

Your weight naturally drops as it is released from your fat stores.

Fiona has a Bachelor Degree of Health Science (Homoeopathy) assuring the finest quality Homoeopathic support blend that has been specifically made to use during the Lightbody Program to assist in stimulating the release of stored fats. 


Overview of The Four Phases
The Lightbody Program works in four simple phases.
Phase One: Prepare - Day One & Two
Take 10 drops three times a day.
Eat as much healthy fat foods as you can.
Phase Two: Transform - Day Three (three - six weeks) 
Continue with 10 drops three times a day.
Only eat foods from the approved list of lean meats, vegetables and fruits in the outlined portions (600-800 calories per day).
Phase Three: Transition (three days) 
You now finish taking the Support Drops.
Continue eating the portions and foods from approved list.
Phase Four: Maintain (three - six weeks) 
Slowly introduce other healthy foods back in.
Go back to around 2000+ calories daily.
No limit on food intake.
Avoid sugar, grains, alcohol, processed foods.

View The Lightbody Program (26 days) or The Lightbody Program (47 days).