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The Lightbody Program (47 days)
The Lightbody Program (47 days)
The Lightbody Program (47 days)
The Lightbody Program (47 days)
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The Lightbody Program (47 days)

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Experience effective weight loss results by targeting hard to lose, stored fat in problem areas such as stomach, thighs, abdomen, back and bottom and discover a return of energy and wellness to your life. This program guides you to detox your body and reset your metabolism through a healthy eating plan and support drops which stimulate the release of stored fats allowing you to lose up to 15 kgs in 47 days. If you desire to lose 7 kgs or less than we recommend opting for The Lightbody Program (26 days)

  • Fad diets come and go, most people learn nothing about what actually works long term. Learn new ways to improve your relationship with food.
  • Learn how to reset your metabolism and keep the weight off while reducing your sugar and carb cravings – become educated!
  • Enjoy a healthy yet rapid weight loss outcome.
  • Find your renewed energy and feel better than ever both physically and emotionally.

About The Program

Re-discover the healthy foods that you can actually enjoy and quickly notice the changes that start to occur with your gut microbiome through the elimination of those foods that are known to cause inflammation, loss of energy and weight gain with stored fats in all the wrong places.

During The Lightbody Program we will help to educate you in understanding your body’s preferred foods while losing those heavy stored fats that weigh you down physically and mentally. This is a journey in creating a new you with renewed energy and on a path to wellness. It is also important to understand how the master hormone leptin affects your body. Leptin is responsible for the creation of not only fat deposits but abnormal sugar cravings, even issues with fertility and naturally your metabolism.

The program is built around 4 phases to assist you step by step in achieving your weight loss goal. When ordering online, we advise opting for email communication so we can further guide you along the journey. You can read an overview of each phase on our How It Works page. It is designed based on a carnivore diet with vegetarian options however not suitable for a vegan diet. 

Why Choose This Program

This program is holistic in nature and takes away the confusion around everything you have ever previously thought about food and weight loss. The goal is not just to lose weight but to educate you and provide the simple tools so that you can take it from here for the rest of your life.

This program is for you if you have a goal and have decided to commit to losing weight and working towards regaining your health and wellbeing. This is not a one-off fad. It takes discipline and preparation. We want to educate people from all walks of life and all stages of their journey.

Included In The Program
  • Lightbody Program User Guide Booklet
  • 2 x Lightbody Support Drops 50mls
  • Access to your certified Health Coach via email
  • Access to the Lightbody Facebook Support Group  where we share recipes and motivation
The Support Drops

The Lightbody Support Drops formula is a blend of Homoeopathic amino acids, plant, and minerals in a range of Homoeopathic potencies to support the body in both the release of fats and toxins. The release of fats from the fat cells into the bloodstream provides the body with a natural source of increased energy and a feeling of satiety while being able to lose weight on the program. 

Prepared in Brisbane, Australia by Fiona Provan, qualified Homoeopathic Professional (BHScHom). 


Proprietary blend of non-steroidal Homoeopathic Amino Acid complexes and peptides, Calc Carb 15c, Phytolacca 6x, Nux Vomica 6c, Pure Alcohol max 22% (natural preservative). 

  • Calc Carb 15c - Mainly given when there is excess fat in the abdomen and the metabolism is working at a very low pace, resulting in obesity and weight gain.
  • Phytolacca 6x - Beneficial by supporting the regulation of the hunger pattern assisting as an appetite suppressant and increasing the metabolic rate by favourably influencing digestion and absorption. Useful in hyperacidity and feeling of weakness associated with lowered food intake. 
  • Nux Vom 6c - Recommended when excess weight gains are due to sedentary habits. Symptoms associated with overindulgence and reliance on stimulants (coffee, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol), with insomnia, and constipation may benefit from this remedy.

10 drops three x a day. Take 20 minutes away from brushing teeth, food or drink (besides water). Firmly hit bottom of bottle onto palm three times before each use to activate. Place the liquid under your tongue and mix in with your saliva for 15-20 seconds before swallowing. To only be used in conjunction with the Lightbody Program. Store out of direct sunlight.

Why Homoeopathic Drops
  • Homoeopathic Drops are non-steroidal and considered very safe as they are diluted and succussed down to the energetic/vibrational level.
  • Homoeopathic remedies are all natural without any synthetics.
  • Please note that the Homoeopathic drops contain a small amount of pure alcohol as a natural preservative, therefore will not be suitable if you have sensitivities to alcohol or if you are a recovering alcoholic or pregnant.

Not recommended for pregnant/nursing women or children under 18 years of age. Check with your healthcare professional if you have an underlying health condition before use. Please get in touch with us first if you’re currently taking any medication, have diabetes or any other conditions or concerns. Avoid body oils and lotions during the program. Jojoba Oil is a great option as it's not a true oil and is available here.


The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information contained regarding this program is intended for education and information purposes only. This information is not intended to be used to diagnose, prescribe or replace medical care. The program described herein is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, mitigate or prevent any disease. Please refer to our Disclaimer regarding our products.